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Current Fellows

Name         Advisor         Entry Year         Research Interest
Courtney Trutna         Nightingale          2018          Ultrasound elastography and viscoelastic tissue characterization 
Elianna Bier         Driehuys         2018          Hyperpolarized 129-Xenon MR Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Lung
Erica Skerrett         Ramanujam         2018          Optical Imaging and Breast Cancer Recurrence
Ren Odion          Vo-Dinh         2018          Cancer detection and therapy with plasmonic nanoparticles
Kimberly Lennox         Gong         2018          Microscopy and photostimulation for basic neuroscience research
Megan Madonna         Ramanujam         2018          Metabolic imaging of fluorescence probes in breast cancer
Anna Knight         Nightingale           2017          Ultrasound elastography in structured media
Xiaoneng Jia         Warren          2017          Nanophotonics, optics and photonics

Previous Fellows

Name                                                                  Advisor                                Entry Year                       Research Interest   
David Cunefare         Farsiu         2012         Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging
Zoe Englander         DeFrate         2013        

Imaging the biomechanics of knee articular cartilage

Derek Ho         Wax         2013         Angle-Resolved Low Coherence Interferometry
Jainil Shah         Tornai         2013         Breast SPECT/CT Imaging
Brian Crouch         Ramanujam         2014         Molecular imaging of fluorescently-labeled Hsp90 inhibitors to see and treat breast cancer
Ziyi Wang         Driehuys         2015         Hyper-polarized Xe(129) MRI on lungs
Eric Gibbs          Liu         2015         RF-sensitive ion channels and MRI technology for functional imaging
Will Long         Trahey         2016         Coherence and synthetic aperture based ultrasound beamforming methods
Somayyah Soltanian-Zadeh         Gong & Farsiu         2016         Real-time analysis of neural data in calcium imaging
Matthew Holbrook         Badea         2016         Spectral CT for material decomposition
Cody Morris         Nightingale         2016         ARFI and SWEI in the prostate and liver
Daniel Puleri         Randles         2016         Biomedical simulation using MRI and CT scans


Name                                                                                              Advisor                                       Entry Year                                       Research Interest
Douglas Dumont                      Trahey         2003         Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) imaging of arteries 
John Nouls         Johnson         2003         Development of superconducting coils for mouse brain MR microscopy at 9.4T
John Pyhtila         Johnson         2003         Light-scattering techniques for cancer detection
Amy Sharma Congdon         Trahey         2003         Design and build a rotation modulator collimator or use with Neutron Stimulated Emission Tomography
Janelle Bender         Ramanujam         2004         Evaluation of therapeutic treatment in breast cancer patients and mice with breast cancer xenografts using optical spectroscopy
Brett Byram         Trahey         2004         Phase aberration in ultrasound
Spencer Cutler         Tornai         2004         Dual modality (SPECT and CT with 3D acquistion) for breast imaging
Nicholas Ivancevich         Smith         2004         Transcranial ultrasound
Scott Dianis         Von Ramm         2005         Ultrasound transducer array patterns using a 64x64 element array
Robert Graf         Wax         2005         Fourier Domain low coherence interferometry
Carl Herickhoff         Smith         2005         3D intracardiac echocardiography and ultrasound ablation
Priti Madhav         Tomai         2005         Dual Modality (SPECT and CT with 3D Acquistion) for breast imaging 
Zachary Harmany         Willet         2006         Functional MRI active region detection
Stephanie Kennedy         Ramanujam         2006         Exploring optical contrast in Ex-vivo breast tissue using diffude reflectance spectroscopy and tissue morphology
Muyinatu Lediju         Trahey         2006         Mechanic imaging methods for breast and fetal applications
Ryan McNabb          Izatt         2006         Integration of CSLO and OCT
Cory Wyatt         MacFall         2006         Devlopment of MR Thermometry Strategies for Hypothermia of Extremity and Breast Tumors
Ashley Davis         Warren         2007         Development of Advanced MRI Methods for Improving Signal and Contrast in Biomedical Imaging Applications
Stacy Millon         Ramanujam         2007         Metabolic Exogenous Contrast Agents for use in Breast Cancer Detection and Therapy Monitoring
Arnaud Guidon         Song         2007         High-Resolution Brain Connectivity MRI
Samuel Johnston         Johnson         2007         Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
Brooks Lindsey         Smith         2009         Ultrasound systems, transcranial ultrasound imaging
Jan Pachon         Tornai         2009         Design of Automated Filter Wheel for SPECT-CT Scanner for Dedicated Breast Auxillary Imaging
Rachel Reese         Warren         2009         Advanced applications of nuclear magnetic resonance
Kevin Seekell         Wax         2009         Nano-optical Technologies
Peter Hollender         Trahey         2009         Quantitative ultrasound imaging using radiation force induced shear-wave elastography
Stephen Rosenzweig         Nightingale         2009         Implementation and Algorithm Development of 3D ARFI and SWEI Ultrasonic Elasticity Imaging for in vivo Detection of Prostate Cancer
Luke Xie         Johnson         2009         DCE MRI of renal contrast clearance
Shwetadwip Chowdhury         Izatt         2010         Super-Resolution Structured Illumination Microscopy on Non-Fluorescent, Coherently Scattering Samples
Russell Dibb         Johnson         2010         MR Susceptibility Brain Atlases
Andrew Fales         Vo-Dinh         2010         Novel Plasmonic Nanoparticles of Theranostics
Ryan Davis         Warren         2011         MRI of Temperature in the Presence of Fat
Samantha Lipman         Nightingale          2011         Multi-modality Image Registration for Focal Prostate Cancer Procedures
Ruijuan Zhou         Therien         2011         Imaging Prostate Cancer Cell Surface Markers Using NIR-Emissive Polymersomes
Nick Bottenus         Trahey         2011         Apodization Schemes for SLSC Imaging
Oscar Carrasco-Zevallos         Izatt         2012         Microscope Integrated Optical Coherence Tomography
Kyle Decker         Johnson         2014         Magnetic Susceptibility Anisotropy and Characterizing Higher-order Magnetic Field Distribution
 Adam Pely         Nightingale         2014         Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Imaging and Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging in the Skin
Jenna Osborne         Wolf         2015         Intracardiac Echocardiography (ICE) ARFI Imaging