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Training Faculty

Name Title Department Research Interest
Wilkins Aquino                                                        

Associate Professor                                           

Civil & Environmental Engineering                                                            Elastography, Computational Mechanics
Alexandra Badea Associate Professor   Radiology, BME MRI; micro-CT; SPECT; multi-photon microscopy 
Cristian Badea Associate Professor Radiology X-Ray Micro-CT
David Carlson Assistant Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering Machine learning design
Lou DeFrate Associate Professor Orthopaedic Surgery, BME, and MEMS MR Imaging; Biplanar Radiography
James Dobbins Associate Professor Radiology and BME Digital Radiography Tomosynthesis
Bastiaan Driehuys Associate Professor Radiology and BME Hyperpolarized Gas MRI; Pulmonary MRI
Sina Farsiu Associate Professor BME and Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Imaging; Image Processing
Yiyang Gong Assistant Professor BME

Fluorescence microscopy; Protein engineering; Optical microscopy and genetically encoded sensors

Roarke Horstmeyer Assistant Professor BME Optical imaging; Adaptive optics
Joseph Izatt Professor BME Optical Coherence Tomography
G. Allan Johnson Professor Radiology, Physics, and BME Magnetic Resonance; Microscopy;
Molecular Imaging
Joseph Lo Associate Professor Radiology and BME Breast Tomosynthesis Imaging; Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Kathryn Nightingale Professor BME Ultrasound and Elasticity Imaging
Nimmi Ramanujam Professor BME Molecular Imaging; Optical Spectroscopy
Amanda Randles Assistant Professor BME, Computer Science, and MEMS Medical Imaging Simulation; Computational Models
Ehsan Samei Professor Radiology, Physics, and BME Observer Performance and Medical Displays
Guillermo Sapiro Professor ECE, Computer Science, and BME Image and Video Processing; Biomedical Imaging
W. Paul Segars Associate Professor Radiology Anatomic/Physiologic Simulation Tools
Allen Song Professor Radiology, Neurobiology, Psychiatry, and BME Functional MR
Michael Therien Professor Chemistry Optical Imaging; Molecular and Nanoscale Imaging Agents
Martin Tornai Associate Professor Radiology and BME SPECT/CT Imaging; Molecular Imaging
Gregg Trahey Professor BME and Radiology Ultrasonic Imaging
Tuan Vo-Dinh Professor BME and Chemistry Photonics-based imaging, Diagnostics, and Therapy
Warren Warren Professor Chemistry and BME Laser Spectroscopy/Nuclear MR
Adam Wax Professor BME Biomedical Optics
Interferometry Techniques
Jennifer West Professor BME, Cell Biology, Chemistry, and Mechanical & Materials Science Novel Contrast Agents in Optical, CT, and MR Imaging
Pat Wolf  Associate Professor BME Cardiac Function and Ablation Imaging
Junjie Yao Assistant Professor BME Photoacoustic and Optical Imaging Technology

Clinical Faculty

Name Title Department Research Interest
Manal Abdelmalek, MD, MPH                      Associate Professor                                  Medicine - Gastroenterology                                                   Hepatology, specifically Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Rex Bentley, MD Professor Pathology Surgical Pathology; Carcinoma and Improved Imaging Techniques
Anna Lisa Crowley, MD Assistant Professor Medicine - Cardiology Cardiovascular Imaging
Sarah Ellestad, MD Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Rajan Gupta, MD Assistant Professor Radiology Prostate Imaging
Clare Haystead, MD Assistant Professor Radiology Abdominal Imaging
Han Kim, MD Assistant Professor Medicine - Cardiology Cardiovascular MRI
David Kirsch, MD, PhD Associate Professor Radiation Oncology Mechanisms of Tumor Response to Radiation
Rendon Nelson, MD Professor Radiology Diagnostic Imaging of the Liver
Thomas Polascik, MD Professor Surgery Urology; Focal Therapy
Loretta Que, MD Associate Professor Medicine - Pulmonary Lung Disease
Craig Rackley, MD Medical Instructor Medicine - Pulmonary Pulmonary Medicine
Cynthia Toth, MD Professor Ophthalmology OCT Imaging, Vitreoretinal Surgery